The UNIQUE project aims to reverse the perceptions and attitudes towards LGBTIQ learners in VET Sector by introducing innovative, inclusive, and gender-sensitive training materials for VET Teachers/Trainers and educating them in safeguarding and promoting a non-discriminatory classroom. Our project also focuses on advocating the results at the national, regional, and EU levels in an effort to introduce a pro-LGBTIQ agenda in the social dialogue and initiate policy reform for more inclusive education. The project started on the 15th of January 2021 and will be completed after two years.

The partnership, led by AKMI S.A., consisted of 9 organizations from Greece, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, and Germany. Here you can find courses that teach how to act in a diverse environment, you will learn more about LGBTIQ and how to manage anti-discrimination policies and how to help your students.

    Available courses